Kanuka Honey

Kanuka Honey


Kānuka, Kunzea ericoides, is a close relative of Mānuka (same Family but different Genus) and are commonly found in similar locations. With a bit of careful timing, our beekeepers are able to bring you a limited amount of this unique honey each season.

We find it a bit sweeter than Mānuka (with more floral undertones), without the bitter finish but still good for you of course!

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All our honey is sustainably sourced from healthy, happy bees that are placed in some of the most beautiful and pristine parts of our country. As landowners, beekeepers, extractors, packers and exporters we guarantee traceability from the land right to your hand! We work hard to ensure our honey is of the best quality, and is packed on our very own premises!


Please note there is a limit of one carton (12 jars) per customer (or 6 jars if ordering 1kg).
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